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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

My Heart Is Full - Day #9

There were times in the last 9 days that I wanted to quit.   I wanted to give in.   I just wanted to eat whole food.   Notice, I did not say real food.   Juice is real food.   My family has been amazingly supportive. 

My poor family is not really eating much because at first it was hard for me to cook when I wasn't partaking.  I hope they know how much I appreciate their support.   Not eating, the mess in the kitchen, my 'occasional' moodiness on this journey and so much more.

I have been holding on to this little gem since I started.    When I got out my gratitude journal to start this journey I found a letter.   I don't know when it was written, but it came from our lovely daughter.

Here is the text.  Misspellings and all.  I can tell by the writing, the context and the spelling/punctuation that she was quite a bit younger.

To: Mommy I <heart> U

My Mom has made me laugh, made me cry, wiped my tears, hugged me tight, watched me succeed, seen me fail, cheered me on, kept me going strong, and drove me crazy.

But in the end it is all ok and every bad or crazy things that have happened to you, because you guys got in a fight or something, it's worth it.  All it does is bring you to closer together.   You need to be close to your Mom and luckily I am.  She is my best friend, the person who I go and tell everything to.  Sure we may fight but every Mom and daughter do, but I do know that my Mom is the one person who can make me smile from a million miles away.  The best things happen when I am with my Mom, like rolling the windows down in the car and cranking the music up so we can sing like no one is listening, or just laughing together.   Just being with her is a new adventure.  That is what makes my Mom special.  Theese are the memorys that I will remember forever, cherish and love even after she is gone.  As I get older I will only become harder to deal with, I may get an attitude and think my Moms weird and unfair but I will always remember that:

Moms are a promise from God that you will have a friend forever.   But I have to disagree, I didn't get a friend, I got a hero.

I love you and always will Mom

Happy Mothers day.


David, Elsie & Porter thank you from the bottom of my heart.   I love you all more than anything!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Week One Results - Day 8

I know you have all been waiting with baited breath for my week one results.  Ha!   Seriously though, I was excited and anxious to measure this morning.  I know where the scale has been and have been pleased with that, but I know that the scale can be very misleading.  Here are a few reasons.
  1. If I even look at salt (ok that is a sight exaggeration) the scale will go up the next day.   
  2. I also know that I am not getting a ton of protein and that I can be burning muscle instead of fat.  I am ok with that right now.*  
  3. Plus, I know the first week can be a lot of water weight.

*Here is a great article that talks about muscle loss and how to avoid it during a juice.  I have been adding in the fruits and veggies that are high in amino acids to counteract this.   I am confident that I have not lost a lot of muscle in my 7 days.

BUT, measurements don't lie.

So drum roll please.... (This feels really weird for some reason
to me to share this).

Pounds GONE FOREVER ----- 10.6

Inches Lost

Chest - 1.5"  (of course your boobs get smaller first)
Waist - 1"
Hips - 2"
Thigh - .5"
Calf - .5"

Total of 6.5"

I am very pleased! 

  • I do feel lighter.   
  • You can see it in my face.   
  • Our daughter came home from a weekend trip and said, "Mama you look skinnier".  
  • Clothes that were tight are a little bit looser.   
Now is the time for me to push through and keep on.   I know the results will start to slow down, but progress is progress.  There is no magic pill.  There is no quick fix.  This is a lifestyle change.

Every pound counts.   If you think that losing just one pound is not very much, take a look at this.


Sleeping Better
Night Sweats Gone
More Clarity
More Energy
Inches Gone
Pounds Gone
Morning joint pain gone (foot and hip)

I am going to keep this short and sweet.  Lots to do at work today and lots of energy this morning to get it done!

This week, I am adding in more weight training to start building more muscle.   You know muscle burns more fat right?  SO BRING ON THE MUSCLES BABY!

When you exercise, you use muscle. This helps build muscle mass, and muscletissue burns more calories -- even when you're at rest -- than body fat. According to Wharton, 10 pounds of muscle would burn 50 calories in a day spent at rest, while 10 pounds of fat would burn 20 calories.May 11, 2007
I still have this Chicago trip coming up (maybe).   Working on a plan so I don't lose ANY progress.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

You Don't Sweat Much For A Fat Girl- Day 7

There is a clarity that comes with juicing for me.   Maybe it is the massive simplification of your diet that gives you the opportunity to look at things.   I don't really know.   I was visiting with my sister yesterday about eating habits and how they are formed by your parents and your childhood.

Somewhere along the line, I became uncomfortable with my weight and/or my body.  I was skinny for many many years.   I was actually skinny for more of my life than I have been overweight (not using the word fat - that word is ugly to me).  In high school I was 5'11" and weighed 130 pounds.   Far from overweight.  I put on the proverbial 5 pounds in college.  Yes it was only 5 because we walked and biked everywhere!   I was still far from overweight. 

That's me sitting behind the piano in high school.  Of course none of my high school photos are digital.  I'll have to look for some to scan.   The sad thing?  I don't like pictures now and I don't let anyone take my picture.

I remember high school, when I would sit on the sofa, with friends, I would always put a pillow in my lap over my stomach.   I don't know why, but I still do it to this day.   I also remember my Mother always wanting me to buy clothes that were too big for me.   I remember clearly buying a skirt and jacket and her telling me that I was a big girl and needed a large size.   Keep in mind sizes have changed over the years.  What was a 14 is probably now a 12 or even a 10  She wanted me to buy size 16's.  The skirts were always too big and the jacket was baggy.

Here is an article showing the evolution of women's clothing sizes.

I don't know why she thought I needed a larger size than what fit me.  Don't get me wrong.  I am not blaming her.  She was not doing anything to hurt me.   Here is another good one.  I had a boyfriend in college that thought it was really funny to say, "You don't sweat much for a fat girl."   I dated a guy after college that told me, "I don't mean to offend you, but your arms don't look good in a sleeveless shirt."   Anytime someone starts a sentence with, 'I don't mean to offend you,' it probably shouldn't be said.

So... long and the short.  Did all these things affect me?   I really don't know.   But acknowledging all those things can only help me.   I release that past completely.   I am where I am.  I am beautiful.  I am loved.  I am worthy.   I am making changes for me because I am worthy,  not because of my past.

Day 7 is just about over.   I will weigh and take measurements in the morning to see the results of week one. 


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Whole Foods Only - You Might Not Like This Post - Day 6

I have had a couple people ask, why are you doing a juice cleanse?  I have done these in the past.   I have also read a lot and watched a couple documentaries on the benefits of juicing.   It is not for the faint of heart.   You need to have  very strong will power for sure.  If you haven't watched it, go check out Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.   If that doesn't inspire you, nothing will.

I also know there are a ton of people working in network marketing that will tell you that they have the solution.   I am also in network marketing with Young Living Essential Oils.  We have a whole line of natural products.  But, that is not why I am writing.   There are many people in network marketing that will tell you that they have the magic solution for weightloss.   I have even heard some people call them their "magic pills".   I don't want to disparage any of my friends and I have had many suggestions made to me on products to try.

If you are anti network marketing, I get that.   I was there too.   You may like my post about network marketing.   You can read it HERE!  But, this is not the point of this post.  Squirrel.

I want to do this with whole foods and for now juicing.

Why?   This is sustainable with me only putting in my body things that God created.  My issue with all the supplements and protein shakes etc is that they want you to drink them everyday (for the rest of your life).   Of course many of these people truly want to help people to live a better life and to make a good living financially.  I do not begrudge them their success.

I just know I need to do something that is sustainable.   No, I am not going to juice for the rest of my life all day every day.   But I am cleaning out my system.  Removing toxins and loosing weight in the process.   When I decide to quit juicing, I will have a plan to keep calories eaten below calories burned.   It is that simple.  Burn more calories than you put in your body.   Don't eat foods that will destroy your health.  Things like processed foods, sugar etc.   Of course I am oversimplifying this.  But eating good whole foods, portion control and exercising are the best way to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Plan for a 80% clean rate and you will sustain your weight and even lose more weight.

My plan is to drop the pounds and not put them back on again.   I don't want to be tied to somebodies products, pills or shakes to make that happen.   I do take supplements to support my wellness, but not for weight loss.   I am not opposed to an occasional protein shake, but make sure you understand the ingredients.   Putting chemicals and processed sugar products back into your body after a juice cleanse is pretty counterproductive.

The other day, my friend, and trainer, Jen Eggum Flynn wrote a great post about one of the weight loss shake products out there.   She said everything I have wanted to say about these products.   Please READ LABELS

Looks good right? Some even say incredibly healthy and amazing and tastes amazing! LOSE WEIGHT, FEEL GREAT!
I see more and more "pop up" nutrition shops, we have one in every town surrounding Jordan and now one even opening here. These shops serve herbalife teas and shakes and are advertised as "healthy". They also hold nutrition seminars, weight loss programs and meal plans.
I'm going to warn you ahead of time that you may not like what you are going to read but as a certified health coach, a certified nutrition coach and someone who is passionate about teaching others what to put in your body....I feel it's my responsibility to tell you what's in these products so that you can decide for yourself and also to warn your kids.
Friends, what you may not realize is what is actually in the product that is being sold as "healthy" "good for you".
Herbalife Protein shakes
(Direct Ingredients from their website):
Sucralose - (AKA splenda) this is how they make sucralose - they start with sugar and then selectively replace three hydrogen groups with three chlorine atoms. The result is an exceptionally stable sweeter that tastes like sugar. So whats wrong with eating something that's been chlorinated? It DESTROYS gut flora. Unhealthy gut flora leads to allergies, weakened immune system and ultimately studies have proven autoimmune disease.
Not to mention, Sucralose still tells your body to produce insulin and when the insulin is not used.... it leads to fat stores. Thus actually adding actual fat weight.
Soy isolate protein- Soy is rich in phytic acid which blocks mineral absorption. It's also rich in goitrogens which negatively impacts the thyroid. It's also rich in phytoestrogens..... mimics estrogen in the body - not a good thing.
Canola oil - canola oil is a rancid industrial oil that undergoes an unbelievable amount of processing. All the cells you are trying to improve with eating nutritient rich foods... is being destroyed by putting tiny little holes into your cells with Canola oil.
MSG - is hidden in this powder labeled as "natural flavors" and maltodextrin. The body does not process glutamate the same as naturally occurring glutamic acid. MSG also causes cravings and overeating.
Carrageenan - is a food additive from seaweed. It is what thickens the product when mixed. It has been scientifically proven to cause colitis, ulcers and gut and digestive tract problems.
Not to mention other ingredients like corn syrup, wheat protein, utilized yeast extract and don't get me started on the horrible types of fiber they add in to these products.
Bottom line... be very very careful. These healthy drinks and teas (which have the same horrible ingredients) are NOT actually healthy.
So how do they get away with it? It's not FDA regulated. which means they don't need to tell you that it could be harmful to your health.
Also be cautious of these shops that offer nutrition advice and meal plans. Most (not all) are not certified and typically not educated at all in nutrition. It's a marketing tool used to sell... yep more product that goes into the recipe.
Lastly, this is not an I hate herbalife post. I get that these companies are in it for the business and to make money. Most of these shops will not last 3-5 years in the same location. They move in quick make a ton of money and move out. And if you are the business owner, I get that you need something to support your family and at first glance it seems like a great way to do so. I on the other hand have been on the receiving end of bad products, bad advice and my health has been affected. So I will pass along information for the public to learn about these products and and then decide what they choose to put into their body. Who knows maybe I will even get these business owners to think twice and choose a product that actually is good for your health because there are some out there.

You can check out Jenny's amazing Facebook page HERE!

About Jen:   Jen uses her own journey of obesity, depression, tragedy and how she overcame and won the battle to Coach others how to live a healthy lifestyle through the use of real food, appropriate exercise and learning how to live with purpose and passion.

Feel free to reach out to Jen for coaching opportunities!


Friday, July 13, 2018

Day 5 - Sweat Like a Pig!

Sweat like a pig.  What does that really mean?   Do pigs really sweat?   I don't know but I sure did.

Day 5 and I am ready to go!   Yesterday was REALLY HARD.   I just wanted to eat.  I was major crabby and hungry and just downright miserable.    David was amazing and kept me focused.   I changed my language to positive language and I made it through the day!

I am battling this rash which could be a small infection or a little detox going on not sure.   We had a pretty stressful day at work.   It would have been very easy to go home and eat something.  Food has been my comfort.   NOT ANYMORE!   My plan to remove stress was to go ride my bike.   It rained.   It seemed like everything was working against me.   But, the positive language and the affirmations (and my family support system) saved me.

Image result for infrared saunaInstead of the exercise, I took a long infrared sauna last night.  I will write more about the benefits of that later.   I didn't think I had that much to sweat out.  I was wrong.   Holy cow.  But it felt great.   The sauna will also help to remove toxins.

So this week, was not stellar for exercise.   I got two workouts in.   I want to be moving.   I am giving myself grace since this was the first week juicing.   We are going to the gym this afternoon and plan on going again in the morning.


The scale has actually moved quite a bit.  I am not going to share any numbers yet, because I want to measure and not just base it on the scale.  Stay tuned on Sunday or Monday for the first week's progress.

More Energy.   I do not get sleepy between 2 and 3.   Oh the power of fruits and vegetables!

Sleeping Better.   I feel more rested when I wake up in the morning.

Night Sweats - Virtually GONE!

Mind - I really feel more clarity.   It is hard to quantify, but I am not fuzzy headed.

Plans for Next Week

Next week is a bit tricky as we are going to Chicago for a baseball tournament.  As much as I don't want to, I am going to have to take a break while we are gone.  Trust me I am not going to go crazy and resort back to pizza and beer.   Maybe a couple of you can check in on me to hold me accountable.   I am not sure what my plan is going on the road, I just know I need to have one!  Any ideas on a plan, let me hear them!

A little humor for Friday.   Do you work out at home?   Check out this little video for a couple chuckles.

Home Work Out Fails


Thursday, July 12, 2018

Day 4 Sucks - Turning Your Day Right Side Up

Today just totally got off on the wrong foot.   Last night before I went to bed, I found a rash under my arms that I didn't like.   So I spent a lot of last night with my good friend Dr. Google.   I don't recommend becoming a friend of this particular Doctor.  By the time I was done reading, I was stressed, anxious and couldn't sleep.

This morning I did not get up and do my devotion.   I did not do my gratitude list.   I did not do my essential oil protocol.  I felt shaky and just REALLY WANTED FOOD.  We did not go to the gym.  I wanted to quit. 

I did not give in.   I tried to settle my mind and my heart.  I did some deep breathing.   I did a couple devotionals on the drive to work.   Amazing things happened.   My breathing slowed.   My heart rate slowed.  And I no longer feel shaky.   We have all had those days where the stress seems to consume you and the day just spirals out of control.  You stub your toe, you spill your coffee, traffic is bad and by the time to get to work you are wound up pretty tight!   The day doesn't seem to go well from there.  Right? 

All last night I was writing a nasty email response to someone in my head.   I wanted to say all the things that pissed me off.   Do you ever do that?  Write emails in your head?   Or have conversations in your head with what you want to say to someone when you are angry with them.   So counterproductive.    Really.   It puts your mind in a negative place and then puts your heart in that negative place also.  When you get to work you can even change the attitudes of the people around you.   You change their vibrations/frequency.  Have you met people like that?   I can them perennial life suckers.   You know the type?  The people that seem to suck the air out of a room.  The people that if you spend too much time with them, your shoulders are tense, you have a headache and you get crabby.  Those people actually lowered your frequency!

Frequencies.  Everything has a frequency.   Things like meditation, praying and deep breathing naturally raise your frequency.   Things like illness and stress lower your frequency.  Essential oils raise your frequency (more about that another day).  This is actually science not hocus pocus mumbo jumbo and I have learned a lot about it, but I am NOT an expert.

After I got to work.   I wrote the email.   But it was not at all what I said last night.   I am drinking my juice.   I put some frankincense (very gounding) over my heart and took 5 deep breaths of frankincense.  I am going to plug in some relaxing music and do my gratitude journal now. 

The moral of the story?   Sometimes your days get inside out.   You can always make the decision to right them before they get out of control.   You have that control over yourself. 

I will continue on.   I have not cared for my body for a number of years.   It is time.  I am worth it.  I am worthy. 

Blessings to you all today!  I know that you are there cheering me on, and I am cheering for you too!


If you want to learn more about frequencies or frankincense, here are a couple of posts from other essential oils lovers!

More On Frequencies

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Do You Love Yourself? I Didn't. - Day 3

If you read my first post, you know that I have known I needed to clean up my diet and get rid of some extra fat I have been carrying around for a while.   What made me decide to finally take the plunge and get started?   It wasn't just one thing.   It wasn't just the horrible words that were spoken about me.   It has been a series of events over a number of months.

One of those eye opening moments was when I was doing an online affirmation.  When I started the affirmation, it told me to have my phone ready and to go to the camera.  I really didn't know what that meant or what I was in for. 

Let's talk about affirmations for a minute.   I have been learning and studying the affects of positive language and mindset on the brain and on your life.   It is really incredible how it all works and the benefits of having a positive attitude.

We have already talked about the benefits of starting your day with writing in a gratitude journal.   I will talk more about that in another post and the amazing health benefits that come through gratitude and meditation.    Yikes.   I have so much I want to share with you.   Look squirrel. 

Back to those affirmations and the wonderful woman that wanted me to have my camera ready.   It was an entire affirmation about loving yourself.   I went through the paces, listened to all the things she said and even said the mantras along with her.   I don't think my heart was in it.  At the end?  She said turn your camera on and flip it towards yourself.  Her instructions:

Look yourself in the eye and say, 'I Am Worthy Of Love'.

I COULDN'T DO IT.   I could not tell myself I was worthy of love.   What an eye opening experience.   I cried.  I seriously cried.   Clearly something is going on with me right?  Everyone is worthy of love.  I did a lot of praying, a lot of reading and meditating.   Of course, my feelings became true when that wonderful person said about me, "Did You See How Fat She Is?".   You can read about those fateful words HERE.  I told my family about this and my daughter gave me this...

This week as I started the next phase of my wellness journey, I am not focusing just on getting rid of some of the extra fat I am carrying on my God given body.  I am also focusing on my spiritual and mental wellness.   I believe one of the reasons I have not been able to lose the weight and keep it off is because I didn't think I was worthy of love.

I am going to say that again.   This is important


Fast forward to today.   I am on Day 4 of a Juice Cleanse.  But I am also cleansing my mind and my spirit.  I am doing an essential oil protocol twice a day.   We already know I am starting each day with a devotion and a gratitude journal. 


This morning when I did my oil regimen and said my affirmation out loud multiple times, I was able to look at myself in the mirror and without thinking about it....   I SMILED.  It was not forced.   It just happened.   I smiled at myself when I said I Am Worthy Of Love.

I get the chills just typing this.  Remember three months ago, I could not even say it!  Literally my throat closed up and I could not make myself say the words.   It was the strangest thing to experience.

I know this is a huge win for me on my journey.   I have a small group where I have done some guided meditations with them on Facebook.  I am going to start that group up again.  If you want an invite, let me know!

Have you had any moments like this?  AHA moments?   Send me a message or comment here!  I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Cleanse Update

No night sweats at all last night!  Energy levels seem to be improving.  Hunger pains have minimized.   Scale has moved quite a bit, but I am not focusing on the scale.  I know the first bits of weight loss will be primarily water weight.

Exercise Update

We did go to the gym yesterday afternoon and I did 55 minutes on the recumbent bike.   After we got home, Elsie asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride.  Time with teen children is precious so I said yes.  We went for an hour ride.   I may regret that later.  But I am moving and burning calories.