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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Are you an MLM snob? I was.

Ok, I admit it.  I am a recovering MLM snob, bigot, nay-sayer etc.  Some of this came from my Dad.  He hated companies like Amway.  I hated companies like Amway, Mary Kay, and Avon.  Understand some of this "hate" towards these companies goes back to the days when traditional "pyramid" sales models were prevalent.

*********NEWS FLASH************

Pyramid sales are now illegal!

Guys, seriously, understand something before you judge it.  Do you like it when people see how you look and judge you?  Don't do that to MLM companies!

Guess what, it is a very legitimate business model.

For every article bashing MLM's I can find one that supports it.

It comes down to personal preference.  Many people say, you pay higher prices for the same products.  That is not necessarily true.   There are many industries where higher price means higher quality.  I happen to be in one of those industries both with my "day job" and my MLM.  There are situations where cheap means cheap!

Many people say, prices are higher because they have to pay so many reps.

I have even had people tell me that prices are higher to pay for all the attorney fees because the company is being sued.  OH MY WORD.  That is pure ignorance!   We will cover specifics of this in another post.

Seriously people, do your homework.  I really don't like when people throw stones in a glass house.  They don't understand MLM's so they are afraid of them.  And they spew inaccurate information, like I used to from my Dad".

Corporate America can be a "dog eat dog" world.  Backstabbing, ladder climbing, politically charged workplace.  When your boss says, "jump", you are supposed to say, "how high?".  Again I lived this world, and I hated it.  Of course not all jobs are like this, but so many are.  People saying they are, "living the dream" when they are getting on the next airplane and are missing their kids school music program.  Been there done that, done with that!

Here is reality!  YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

MLM IS JUST A DIFFERENT SALES COMPENSATION METHOD!  Every company has to have someone to sell their products!  The big questions is at what cost?  The big difference is you are not competing with other reps, your upline is there to support you and help you succeed!

Let's say you are a traditional business model.  My husband and I own a traditional business so believe me I get it!  You hire Steve to be a sales rep for you.  You pay him 50,000 a year to be a sales rep in base salary.  You also pay him 7% commission and benefits.  On average a person you pay 50k per year actually costs you at least 66k.  Normally, you have to train him.  There are a number of intangible costs.   He has to make a minimum of 66k GROSS PROFIT to even pay for himself let alone make the company money.  It can take years for a sales rep to actually be profitable for a business.

Really?  How are the prices of MLM companies' products more expensive to pay others?  I am sorry that is ignorance and predjudice.  

What does it cost an MLM company for someone to sell 0!!!!!!  Sounds like a good business model to me!

Have you ever heard of the book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".  Seriously check it out.

Have you heard about the concept of the 4 year career?  Watch this video.

Here are some phrases about Network Marketing that I despise:

*I am giving you the world on a silver platter why aren't you jumping on it?
*It is so easy
*It is not sales
*Anyone can do it

No one can give me the world on a silver platter, I have to work for it.  The audacity behind that statement is ridiculous. That is all ego.

It is not easy - it is work.  If you pick the right product, it is fun work. But it is still work.  You don't just put up a web site and people magically flock to you.  You have to work!

Ok - there is a mantra, "stories sell".  You sell product by telling your personal success stories, not cold calling people and direct sales.  BUT there is a sales element to it.  You have to follow up with people that have expressed interest.  If you just wait for people to come to you, you will do just that.  WAIT.

Seriously - if anyone could do it wouldn't they?   It is not for everyone.  Many people do not succeed in MLM because they make no effort.  There is no business that I know of with unlimited earning potential where you don't have to work at it.  You have to WANT IT!

MYTH - Network marketing is a pyramid scheme:  Ugggg if I hear this again I will throw up.  Pyramid schemes are illegal people!  The biggest pyramid schemes in the US today are CORPORATIONS.  Think about it.  The people at the top work very little and make all the money!  

Here are some other "benefits".

*Punch a clock
*Locked in number of vacation days
*Answer to a boss or multiple bosses
*Often put down or ridiculed by those bosses
*Little schedule flexibility
*Often very little recognition for work 
*Lack of actually helping people improve their lives!

I lived this world for many years.  No more!

Ok, so you can't afford to go full time in network marketing/MLM.  So what!  Find a product where you can be a product of the product, build passion about the product and do it part time.  Some benefits:
*Set your own schedule
*Be your own boss
*Residual income

When Donald Trump was asked recently what he would do if he had it to do all over again, his matter-of-fact, one-line reply was: "I would get into network marketing."

Don't believe me?

Seriously people, this is the only place you can truly be in charge of your own destiny.  Don't be so judgmental.   Would you ever judge someone going out and starting their own business? 

That is what network marketers have the guts to do!  Until you have the guts to try it or learn more about it (besides what you have been brain washed into believing).  Don't judge.  When I am massively successful in 4 years or less, I will be here saying, "I told you so, let me show you how".  This is just like my mentors that are saying, "I will show you how".  And they are showing me how.

I am involved in Young Living essential oils.  This is my second MLM - the first was an abysmal failure.  But that is another story too!  

Now the essential oils market is quite volatile with negativity towards MLM's.  Stay tuned for another post (novel) about that whole subject,

Disclaimer.  These are just one person's opinion.  I may get some negative and volatile responses to this post.  I welcome open and positive conversations.  BUT, this is my blog and if I deem a comment to be demeaning, derogatory or nasty, it will be removed :)

~Peace & Blessings to all

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