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Friday, August 15, 2014

Skeptically Optimistic - Why I Chose Young Living - Why I Am Staying With Young Living

You may have read my post about how we got started with Young Living essential oils.  For a brief synopsis, we were looking for alternatives to Ibuprofen for my daughter.  We were very uncomfortable with the side affects of Ibuprofen.  We were introduced to the oils and thought for the minimal investment it was certainly worth the effort to jump in and give them a try.

They sounded too good to be true with all the testimonials I had been reading.  I WAS VERY SKEPTICAL.  Although I have to say my daughter was even more skeptical than me.

What I have found is that they continue to amaze and surprise me when they work on the next thing we try them on!

I am going to go a little different direction than so many of the blogs I see out there.  I want to focus on the positive and tell you why I chose Young Living and more importantly why I stay with Young Living!

When we started looking at essential oils I had NO loyalty to any particular brand.  I am not going to tell you what is bad about other brands.  I am not even going to name them.  Honestly I have no experience with other oils so I can't speak ill of them can I?  You may know who some of them are, but please, this is simply my opinion.

Here is what was important to me.


As of July 2014 Young Living has been in business for 20 years!  That is a long time.  That means a ton of research, knowledge and product information is coming my way.  They have refined their business processes and know what they are doing.  Young Living's largest competitor was founded in 2008.

There are MANY, MANY, MANY smaller oil companies out there.  I don't know about all of them but I know the majority have not been in business for 20 years.   Personally I was very wary of start ups.  I was wary of companies that are offering "free" startup kits.  That, as a business owner, sounds pretty risky to me.

Chart Source


Here are a couple numbers to compare.  All data is based on what is on their websites today.

Young Living

Singles:  85 (that doesn't include some oils that are available only in kits)
Blends:  72

Largest competitor

Singles:  40 (they listed coconut oil - I didn't count that :)
Blends:  20

Common Health Food Store Brand

Singles:  69 (this was hard to verify because they listed many oils twice in their product listings)
Blends:  10

Another Popular Brand Claiming 100% pure essential oils

Singles:  77  (again very misleading.  If you count them all there were 96.  Many oils had 2 listings one for regular oils and one for organic)
Blends:  43

These numbers may not be exact but you get the picture.  Young Living has a number of kits that have oils that are not available individually at this time so they aren't included in my counts.

What this equated to, for me, is that everyone else will always be playing catch up with Young Living.  EVEN if they do produce a good quality oil the depth and breadth of their product line will most likely never compare.

Young Living is not just oils.  It includes things like personal care products, beauty products, supplements, cleaning products and more.  All are CHEMICAL free and good for you!  You can visit my website to learn more about all the products available.

My Young Living Website or Young Living Product Information


This is a real hot button in the industry.  Everyone says their oils are the "only" pure oils out there.  I am not even going to make that claim.  I have no way of knowing that.  What I know, is I personally trust Young Living and here is why.

Young Living has a Seed to Seal Promise.  This is not marketing hype, this is not a made up certification.  This is a quality process that they have put into place for every single oil.

You can check out Seed To Seal Promise for more information.

They currently have 7 farms and have just added an 8th in Canada.  They control the entire growth process.  Is this true for every single oil?  No of course not, but a large portion of the oils are grown on Young Living owned farms.  If they are partner farms Young Living is deeply involved in the growth process.


Young Living is the only essential oil company that I know that has their own testing facility.  They test every batch of oils themselves internally.  If oils do not meet their rigorous testing standards, they are rejected and not released to their customers and members.


When you compare other company's blends to Young Living you will see the ingredient list is very close.  Usually there is only 1 oil that is different.   For example they might use orange instead of lemon.

If you trust a brand why would you want to buy an imitator?  Especially a cheap imitator?

When it comes to my families' health, I want the original.


The bottom line is every time we have used the oils for something, they have worked.  If that had not been the case, I would have tried something else.  These oils never cease to amaze me!  I trust the quality of the Young Living oils.  I don't trust oils that are really cheap. If there was a way to make the oils that much less expensive don't you think our largest competitor would be priced far under us?

I like to say now, that I continue to be Skeptically Optimistic.  I am always skeptical and hopeful at the same time.  I am a glass half full kind of girl.  But I have not been disappointed yet!

Do your own homework and if I can help, I am here.

Curious about the oils?  Check out my Facebook event next week.  RSVP on Facebook and learn about the oils from your smart phone, tablet or computer.  Can't make it?  RSVP anyway and come back to review the content when you want!  "See" you there.

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If someone has introduced you to Young Living, please reach out to them.  If not, I am happy to help!  Email me at

~Blessings, Health & Abundance


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