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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Becoming Whole

Throughout your life there are so many things that take you away from your true self.  Work, family, friends, health to name a few.  I believe that most people lose themselves during their lives and that is what contributes to a lot of unhappiness in the world.  What is happy?  What is content?  I believe it starts with a grateful heart.  I have so many blessings in my life.  I am truly thankful for those blessings? 

I am beginning a journey that will take time, thought, love, support and yes, effort.  I want to become whole again.  I want to be complete.  I want to be me and love myself again.

This journey will have many facets and will probably take many turns and twists.  But I need to do this for me so that I can truly love and care for others. 

Join me in this journey.  Support me if you are able.  Live, love & laugh with me.



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