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Friday, July 11, 2014

Cell Phones - Are You Kidding Me?

True confession:  I have very little tolerance for rude people.

Our society has become increasingly more rude.  There are many areas in our lives where we encounter rudeness.
  • Driving
  • Walking in Malls
  • Parking Lots
  • Weddings
  • Grocery Stores
  • Your Own Car!
I have many examples of these.  Today, though, I want to focus on cell phones or other electronics.  When our children were younger and we would go out for dinner, I admit, I found it easier to have conversation with my husband when the kids had games to play.  Boy do I regret that.  I am now helping them unlearn some bad habits that got significantly worse as they got older.

We have all seen the articles about how we have a generation of people that have their heads in their phones and are missing life.  There are so many things missed.  There was recently a video that was floating around on Facebook about a couple that met and married. The story was they would not have met if they had their heads in their phones!

This isn't the video I was looking for but it makes the point.
I Forgot My Phone

Ok - sorry here is another one.  Cell Phone Impact On Relationships

OH NO!  While I was looking for the original video (which I still cannot find) I came across this "lovely" clip from Rachel Ray.  How to text your ex boyfriend and get him back- Tips and advice
Are you kidding me?  Does this disgust anyone as much as it does me?  I didn't even watch it.

Look at these statistics!  You can click the Source hyperlink for information on more electronic usage.

How many of you went on long road trips with your family?  The car rides seemed horrible right?  Now, looking back, they were amazing.  You saw great things, played games, sang songs and built relationships.

We are raising a generation that will stay connected with far more people than our generation.  But, they also are lacking in communication skills!  

I recently had some kids in the car.  One young person actually was on the phone when they got into the car.  There was no greeting at all.  The phone call was finished and they proceeded to start texting non-stop.  It was about a 35 minute car ride.  Almost NOTHING was said.  All you could hear was the annoying click click click of the texting.  My child that was in the car too had sat in the back seat rather than in front like they normally would.  My child conversed with me the entire trip.  NO INTERACTION with the texter.

We arrived at our location and the passenger said, "thanks for the ride".  I didn't answer.

The bright side?  We have a new rule in our car for everyone.  No texting.  End of story.  

I'll let you know how it goes when I enforce it with my kids' friends.

I challenge you as families to unplug more often.  Put the phones away, interact, learn how to enjoy each other.

I challenge you to UNPLUG!

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