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Monday, January 6, 2014

Covetting Lashes

I have always been envious of the women with long, luscious lashes.  I AM NOT one of them.  We have all seen them in magazines on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.  There they are, those gorgeous eyes, with perfectly applied makeup.  A dark, smoky look; dare I even say s#xy?

Those lashes make me covet, long, wish, want them for myself.  Especially the lower lashes.  My lower lashes are completely NON-EXISTANT. 

What are the messages we get?  Use this mascara, lash enhancer, implants, fake lashes, even prescription medication and YOU TOO CAN HAVE LASHES LIKE THESE.

These products all come with amazing testimonials and endorsements; The Dr’s, Dr Oz., physicians, dermatologists and many others.  Anyone will endorse for the right $$$$ price!  Although not as dangerous as the other concepts that the fashion world and the media push out there to make us want to be something that is not possible for most, it sure stinks the same.

Ok, now it is time for true confessions.  I may have even done something really stupid.  It might not have been me though.  I may have spent over $50 at a salon on some ridiculous wand that would magically make me lashes longer. 
I feel even worse now that I realize I could have ordered this same product for $34 on Amazon.  Shame on me. 
What did this product do for me?  NOTHING.  
Well, I take that back.  It made the skin on my eyelids crack.

Now I have found a completely natural solution!  It is very simple.  And inexpensive when you see all the other benefits the product has.  I have only tried this with one mascara so I can’t speak as to whether if it works with your or if it will work for you.  All I know is I actually have lower eyelashes now!
Add 3-4 drops of Young Living Lavender oil to your mascara tube.  That simple. 

Order Young Living Lavender here.

Message me with questions about account types, retail vs. wholesale.  Wholesale gets 24% of retail!
As this is going very close to the eye, I would not suggest any other oil that may contain chemicals or fillers.  Young Living oils will be very safe in this application!

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