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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I Am Pathetic - Wellness Journey Post #2

So yesterday marked the completion of day 2.  2 days of intense exercise and eating well with whole foods.  Sunday I decided to get this old bod moving and did a ropes class.  It was tough and a lot of cardio type moves.  I was sore.

I reviewed my detailed report from Saturday and my body fat percentage is pathetic!  Please don't say it.  "Lori, you are not fat".  People are so nice and polite, they think that is the right thing to say.  Honestly what if you tried this instead.  Suzi says, "I'm so fat, I hate it."  Suggested response, "Suzi, if you feel that way and want to change your eating habits or your body I support you 100%!  How can I help?"

Now small caveat here, all the super thin older females and teenage girls that really don't need to lose weight, please don't encourage them to lose weight.  Encourage them to have a great self image, but that is another story. We all know when we look at someone if they could afford to be in a little better shape or make better eating choices.

Sometimes that statement is from someone reaching out for attention.  "What??? You???? No way,you are not fat, you look fantastic!"  Personally I would not feed into that either.  Consider your answers to be non-judgmental and supportive.   How about if they are thin, "If you believe yourself to be fat, might I suggest that you go talk to a nutritionist, doctor or exercise specialist?  They may be able to give you some good advice."

Ok, I am not judging someone that is fat.  If that is their choice and they don't want to do anything about it, that is their choice.  But here is my reality.

  • I have gained a bunch of weight.  Reality - since after my daughter was born I have gained 47 pounds.  I am NOT proud of it.  I did not want to write that.  IT IS NOT OK FOR ME.
  • My skin tone is horrible
  • My hair and nails are brittle 
  • I don't sleep well
  • I have no energy
  • I don't do anything well
  • My clothes don't fit
  • Bladder control issues (let's face it - I am over 50 and have had two children and am overweight)
  • I have lost this weight before and don't intend to gain it back EVER

But, I digress.  Yesterday's class started with 20 minutes of high intensity cardio.  No breaks.  It was high intensity.  All the people in the Athleta and LuLu Lemon spandex and tank tops running circles around me.  Seriously I felt pathetic!  The trainer had to actually take me on a different route so that I didn't slow down the other people.  We then moved on to another 35 minutes of weight lifting type of exercises.  The only break was to move and setup for the next exercise.  When I went to speak with the trainer after the class, my legs were so weak I couldn't hardly sit down.

I can tell you, there was NO JUDGEMENT from the people at this class.  They encouraged me, the applauded me with their comments.

For those of you that have started a new workout routine, or when you switch up a workout routine.  You know how sore you can get.  You can't sit, you can't go up and down stairs, you can't lift your arms.  Been there done that.  As miserable as it is, I know that it means I used those muscles and the recovery is going to burn fat and increase muscle!  

I will write another post on what has saved my aching muscles during this process!  

I am moving my body, I am eating well and I am proud of myself.  I want to do this for me.  I want to keep up with my kids.  I want to live a long and healthy life. I want to feel great!  I want it to be a lifestyle.

Today, one of my favorite things in the world, Hot Yoga.  A little recovery and a lot of sweat.  Don't get me wrong, it is not easy, but I feel so amazing when done with Hot Yoga.  


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