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Monday, January 12, 2015

Moving Forward- Wellness Journey Post #1

Sometimes when you are looking to move forward with your life you have to go back to where you were.  Life takes many twists and turns and often things do not go exactly as you have planned or as you anticipated.  Work, family all make life an adventure.

I have been on a journey that has been very circular.  That journey is weight gain and weight loss.  I am starting the cycle again FOR THE LAST TIME.   I want to chronicle some of this journey for many reasons!  Some of those I will reveal as I go.


During high school I was not an athlete but I was active.  I guess some of that was we didn't have video games (yes I am that old).  We spent time outside a lot.   We rode bikes, we swam at the beach, we rolled down hills and much more.  During the winter, we were sledding, skating and skiing.  When I was home in the summer I rode my bike for hours.  It was my escape, it was my release.  I had time to think.  So what happened?  Why did I quit letting exercise be a release?  College came and went.  I managed to gain the 10 pounds but that was it.

After college came the single life.  Beer, pizza, junk food, late nights, lack of exercise, lack of sleep...
and a slow constant weight gain.  Biking, swimming, walking all went out the window.

One day after receiving my pictures from the church directory, I looked at myself and didn't recognize myself anymore.  I had no idea where to start or what to do.  I had no good role models as it related to exercise or eating right.  I checked out Jenny Craig.    I signed up.  As a single person this was actually perfect for me.  Most of my meals were packaged, I only had to add things like breads, milk etc.  The food was ok but not great.  They had me on a ridiculously low 1000 calories a day.  But I melted.  One of the things that I liked was they "counted" any type of physical activity.  You logged everything.  I learned to be more accountable with what I did on a regular basis.  Once you reached your half-way point you started slowly adding calories and adding in your own meals.  I was very successful.  They had weekly weigh-in's and accountability meetings.  I really excelled with the accountability.

When I got married, I was the thinnest I had been since high school.  But I was not in shape, I really had very little muscle.   That was in 1996!

More history in another post.

Sunday I started again, regular exercise, good food and will get back in shape AGAIN.

I would love for you to join me on this journey.  I am doing it for me and for my family.  I have also started a Facebook group.  This group is all about support and ideas.  There will be no people (including me) promoting products or their business opportunity.  Feel free to join!

Full disclosure - I do sell a product.  IT IS NOT A WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCT.  I use essential oils and will be highlighting any success that I have in using them during this next 30 days.  I have already had a great story that I will most likely share tomorrow.


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