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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Graduated To The Big Line - Arms, and Chest and Back Oh My! - Wellness Journey Post #9

I must be getting stronger.  Actually I know I am getting stronger.  Does that mean the workouts are easier?  No - not really but I am able to take fewer breaks and my endurance is better.

I must be getting stronger.  The other day one of my classmates came up to me and told me, "I just want to tell you that you look visibly smaller.  I know how hard you have been working."  I gave her a huge hug!  There is nothing better than having people notice that your body is changing.  You stand taller and prouder.

I must be getting stronger.  Also on Monday I was told my running form and stride was looking much better!  Oz is always telling me, "longer stride Lori, longer stride".  I nod and smile and my head tells my body, longer stride but my legs don't want to do it!

I must be getting stronger.  During our 20 minute warm up today (read work so hard that you think you are going to throw up) we did a lot of running.  Remember I am always over the the slow lane (note:  I used to call it the pathetic lane - but decided to change my language!).  Today he moved me over to the fast lane.  Yes these young, fit skinny people may have passed me but I was there!!!

Read this post for where I started!  Day 2 - Where it all started

I must be getting stronger.  During rope work, Oz is moving me to make the exercise more challenging, he is increasing my weight and not modifying so much for me!  I'll take it!

I must be getting stronger.  Monday we did a TON of arm work - a lot of triceps.  I was sore yesterday. Not unbearable but that nice - 'I worked out hard' sore.  Yes I actually like that feeling as long as I can still move.  So today I expect a little bit more legs - UH NO!  I WAS WRONG.  More arms, chest and back.  I pushed - but I am expecting to be sore.

Break out the oils because I don't want to lose any momentum.  I know the soreness means I am getting stronger but I can't quit or back down at all here in the home stretch!  Read here to see how the oils help me with muscle soreness!  They are little miracles in a bottle.

 Essential Oils for Muscle Soreness & Recovery

I know that end of this journey is just the beginning of the next journey.  I still have a lot of changes I want for my body.  


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